Twosome of Cute, Day 2

The events at the Bronze on prom night left the Twosome in an awkward situation of frustration and confusion, but all it takes is one touch to find the spark that draws Rupert Giles and Jenny Calendar back into each other’s arms again at the start of the new school year. 

And while Jenny coaxes a shy Giles into their first real ‘date’ in Some Assembly Required, it’s Giles who stumbles and stutters his way into a second date in this original chapter, Dinner Dangerously

Can Giles make the second date even better than the first? Better yet, can he and Jenny enjoy each other’s company in private without interruptions from the scoobies? 

Chapter 9: Dinner Dangerously

He watched as she knelt on the couch, her eyes holding his as her fingers gently undid one button after the other until the garment breezed open. He reached up, pushing each side off her shoulders, leaving her in a black lacy bra. Read the full chapter…

Read chapters 1 through 8. 

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