Twosome of Cute, Day 1

Our first smut entry for December’s Twosome of Cute smut-a-thon is a true gem among Giles/Jenny fanfics. As viewers of the show will recall, there were several encounters between Rupert Giles and Jenny Calendar before anything romantic was brought into the open. However, it was evident from their first meeting in I Robot, You Jane that there was something hidden beneath the snark these two exchanged constantly. 

You can read Twosome of Cute chapter entries 1 through 5 to experience a behind the scenes look at the development of their feelings for each other. But it is in Chapter 6, an original chapter intended to fill the gap of what happened after Buffy defeats the Master in Prophecy Girl, that things get heated between our destined twosome. 

Chapter 6: The Bronze Age of Summer

She cried out as her neck was forced back, his tongue finding the pulse point under her jaw while his fingers tripped higher and higher up her inner thigh. “This is getting out of hand…” But she still gripped him tighter, her own hands wandering back to the waistband of his pants, teasing the taut abdomen beneath.  Read the full chapter…

Read chapters 1 through 5.

Many thanks go to the amazing author of this fine specimen of smutty, fanfiction goodness, the one and only airlocking. Feel free to explore airlocking’s other works of fanfic genius here, and make sure to follow the smut-tastic mastermind herself on tumblr as fixating

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